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I have experience working in many different settings and providing various services related to nutrition. Explore some of my experiences and projects below. Contact me if you are interested in any of my services.

Public Cooking Classes

I've hosted public cooking classes in both Brookville and Batesville, and every class is so much fun! My public cooking classes allow individuals to come together to have fun and enjoy a great meal while also learning about healthy cooking and proper nutrition. You can come as an individual and meet new people through the class, or you can plan it as an activity with a few friends, family members, or a significant other. Watch my website and social media accounts for announcements of public cooking classes.

Private Cooking Classes

My private cooking classes are hosted in clients' homes. This is a super fun group activity for you and your crew! Think a couples' night, girls' night, co-workers' party, family gathering, or any group of people that enjoy having fun and eating delicious food. You will learn about nutrition as you are coached through the process of cooking your own meal from provided recipes. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a private cooking class.

Head Start Consultant Dietitian

I serve as a consultant dietitian for several area organizations, one of which being the Head Start program through Community Care of Union County. Through my role in this position I have designed, implemented, and evaluated a variety of nutrition related programs for the students as well as the parents. 

Restaurant Partnerships

I have experience partnering with local restaurants. I have conducted 'pop-up' events where I work with the restaurant to create health-promoting dishes that complement their typical menu and serve to introduce their customers to nutrient-dense, health-promoting foods. 

Cooking Demos

I have experience partnering with organizations to conduct cooking demos at events that they are hosting. With all of my cooking classes and demos, I make it a priority to source as many of the food products as possible from local farmers and food producers. I value the quality of local foods as well as the idea of supporting our local economy. 

Community Programs

I have experience offering quick, fun, and educational nutrition programs for community organizations such as local libraries. I have designed, implemented, and evaluated nutrition programs and cooking events for youth and adults. 

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